Our brand

Marquez Horticultors
LARIS is the commercial trade mark of Agrogust, company born 2014 out of Marquez Horticultors. Marquez Horticultors is a familiar company, devoted to the production of tomatoes. Our fields are located in Alt Maresme, in Calella , an extraordinary area for the vegetables cultivation, where we produce yearly 220.000kgs in area of nearly 19000 square meters of greenhouses.
Marquez Horticultors was born in 1983 as one of the first installations of hydroponic crop in Catalonia. Today we are one of the main producers of our region and the first of our region. We are known for the quality of our tomatoes that are "integrated production "and "global gap" certified.
Due to the production that we reach annually, we have decided to span in the world of the elaborated products, specifically in the segment of the preserves, offering them to the market with an added value: made with tomatoes grown under biological controls.

We cultivate different kinds of tomatoes to bring the best products to the market

Monterosa Tomato

big Tomato, of pink colour, with fine skin, aromatic, fleshy and sweet, with little acidity and few seeds. With natural antioxidants.

Montserrat Tomato

Empty Tomato inwardly with little flesh and with nodulations, rounded and soft. It has a slightly sweet and freshening taste.

Rebelión Tomato

Tomato of an intense flavour, with the hardest skin and a degree of greater consistency than a normal tomato.

Tomato Heart of Bou

Tomato of fine skin, fleshy  and juicy, with few seeds and of sweet taste. Apt for assaborir it in a very simple shape: salt and oil.

Our products count with the following certifications:

Certification of integrated production
Products of the land in the local council of the Maresme
Declaración Unica Agraria