Our team

El secreto del éxito es el entusiasmo de hacer bien las cosas

Our workshop, where we produce our preserves is lcoated between the sea and the mountains, in contact with nature. At the beginning was very important have the support and collaboration of the family, the friends and the professionals of the sector .
The tomatos used for making of our preserves is of km0, our sdtrong point as producers the raw material with which come elaborate. That means we get a natural product and of top quality, observing the procedures of artisanal development.
Our preserves are elaborated without conservants, dyes or articial flavours l which can deteriorate its original taste . Most of the development operations are manual: drying, selection and packing, improving hte quality of preserves.

Her are people that make it possible


"El Sheriff"



"El Sheriff"


Josep Maria

"El Alquimista"



"La Tomatoes doctor"



"Mrs Ant"



" Jolly "