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Monterosa Tomato


 Monterosa Tomato


Born in 2012 after crossing a “pera de Girona” and a “costoluto genovese” tomato. Fine skin and pinky coloured , aromatic, fleshy and sweet, low acid and with few seeds. Its nutritional composition , including natural antioxidants, (vitamin C , carotenoids and polyphenols) make them very healthy. The ideal tomato for salads.



Monsterrat Tomato

Also named pink tomato , its tonality reaches between green and pink ,and even red (depending on its maturation). It has a very resistant skin and it is ideal to make stuffed tomatoes. It doesn’t have too much pulp, and its flavor is sweet and refreshing.

 Monserrat Tomato
Rebelión Tomato



Rebelión Tomato

A traditional tomato,  red and with an intense taste. Its  hard and resistant skin, makes of it  a “long life” tomato.



Beefsteak (coeur de boeuf) Tomato

Also named “bull´s heart” due to its form and size. It has a very thin skin and is very intense and brilliant red . It has very few seed, sweet and freshy, can be eaten just with some salt and olive oil or in salads. 


Tomate Monserrat


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