Payment, shipping and returns

Payment Methods

We offer you the following forms of payment:

Credit card: through the secure payment gateway of Banc de Sabadell RedSys. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Aurora.

For other forms of payment we kindly ask you to contact us at [/ email].



We ship to the Peninsula  with a delivery service of 72hs from the package leaves our warehouse. The shipping cost depends on the destination (VAT NOT included).


for shippings of up to 1kg:

  • Provincial (Barcelona) : 4,57 €*
  • Regional (Catalunya) : 5,40 €*
  • Nacional Peninsular : 5,55 €*
  • Portugal Peninsular : 5,55 €*

for shippings of up to 3kgs:

  • Provincial (Barcelona) : 4,57 €*
  • Regional (Catalunya) : 5,50 €*
  • Nacional Peninsular : 6,71 €*
  • Portugal Peninsular : 6,71 €*

for shippings of up to 5kgs:

  • Provincial (Barcelona) : 4,92 €*
  • Regional (Catalunya) : 5,97 €*
  • Nacional Peninsular : 8,15 €*
  • Portugal Peninsular : 8,15 €*

for shippings of up to 10kgs:

  • Provincial (Barcelona) : 5,63 €*
  • Regional (Catalunya) : 7,55 €*
  • Nacional Peninsular : 9,07 €*
  • Portugal Peninsular : 9,07 €*
Free shipping from: 
  • Provincial (Barcelona) : 55,50 €*
  • Regional (Catalunya) : 55,50 €*
  • Nacional Peninsular : 55,50 €
* VAT included.


The average delivery time will depend on the availability of the product. In the event that we can not meet this deadline due to lack of stock, we will contact you within 1 to 3 business days to confirm the approximate date of shipment, change or cancellation of the order . If none of the alternatives offered or the new date of delivery do not satisfy you, we will proceed to the full and immediate refund of your order.

The merchandise is always covered against risks of transportation, loss and handling,  and will be delivered to the address designated in your order. The transport company will deliver the merchandise along with the invoice that will consign your identification, your customer and the number of packages of the  shipment .

If the courier company tries to deliver the order and you are absent, the delivery will not be attempted until you have contacted the courier company. If the courier company tries to deliver the order a second time and you are absent again, the transport company will send it directly to the warehouse.

If you verify at the time of delivery any errors  or visible damage to the received goods, you must record these circumstances on the delivery note of the carrier and notify it to us in less than 24 hours by sending an email to info @ [/ email]. In any case, you must verify that the merchandise has been delivered in perfect condition. Claims after 24 hours after delivery will not be accepted.

All items are shipped in the best packaging conditions.



Only returns that have been authorized by AGROGUST will be accepted. To make a return you must take into account the following:

Shipping costs will not be paid for the original receipt of the order at the address provided by the customer, regardless of whether the customer has paid for the shipment or not (free shipping).

The product to be returned must be in its original state. If it has been opened or manipulated, it must arrive in perfect condition and in its original packaging. The cost of shipping to our warehouses is paid by the customer.

To request a refund you must contact AGROGUST by email to

The process for a claim for defective or damaged products and to avoid unnecessary expenses is:

Send us a photo of the defective product to [/ email].

Indicate the defect of the product.

In the event that AGROGUST deems it appropriate, the product will be collected at no additional cost for you. In that case AGROGUST will contact you and tell you how to proceed.

AGROGUST will not pay you the shipping costs for defective products  sent to  us without prior authorization.

In case of return due to the goods shiped are not correct or due to an error on your side, you must send the goods to us postage paid to the address indicated in the authorization,  and we will replace with the correct product.

In no case we will refund of the amount paid, but will proceed to credit the amount for  future purchases.

In case we shiped an incorrect  prodcut,  it should be resent to us  and the correct product will be sent  without any additional costs  to you.