Dry tomatoes in oil with basil


Dried tomatoes and flavoured  with natural species where you can find  Mediterranean reminiscencies

Fed in manually and carefully in oil.


    • Without gluten
    • Withhout preservatives neither colorants
    • Without Apt artificial
    •  Flavours  for vegans and vegetarian                                                                            



Original recipe elaborated with tomatoes cultivated in our fields. Using the methods of agriculture of biological control.

Our tomatoes are macerated with basil, garlic, extra virgin oil and sunflower oil.
Ingredients: dry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, garlic, basil, salt and vinegar.

All our dehytrated  tomatoes are featured in  glass containers of  410 gr, 190gr net weight and 120gr frained product.

All our products are elaborated with low tomatoes biological controls and by means of the controls of the integrated production.



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