Tomato with basil


Aroma and flavour reveal the freshness of the tomatoes and leave to the palate a sweet flavour of the mature fruit with a touch of basil that makes it particular and exceptional. An artisanal preparation to achieve a gourmet product


    • Without gluten
    • Without presvervatives neither colorants
    • Without Apt artificial
    • Flavours  for vegans and vegetarian




original recipe elaborated with tomatoes cultivated in our fields. Using the methods of agriculture of biological control.
Our jams of extra tomato are elaborated in an artisanal  way, using  100% natural and  accurate products,  and slow cooking. In this way it achieves its texture and flavour, and the more authentic and  healthy properties of the market.

ingredients: Tomato, sugar, basil, naturallemon juice, lemon pectin

Produced with 65 grams of fruit per 100 grams of jam

Total sugar content 37 grams per 100 grams (including those of the fruit)

All our jams present in containers of glass of 270 gr.

All our products are elaborated with low tomatoes biological controls and by means of the controls of the integrated production.



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