Tomato with anchovies and capers


Authentic and flavourful product, ideal to spread on bread, toasts and to give flavour and enrich the sauces.


    • Without gluten
    • Without preservatives neither colorants
    •  Without Apt artificial
    •  Flavours for vegans and vegetarians                                                                       



original Recipe elaborated with tomatoes cultivated in our fields.

Using the methods of agriculture of biological control

The tomatoes used to elaborate the pâté are carefully selected, dehydrated and amalgamated with other ingredients to obtain a product distinguished and refined gourmet.

Ingredients: dry tomatoes, sunflower oil, almonds, lemon juice, anchovies,cappers,garlic,salt and vinegar


All our  pâtés are featured in glass containers of 115 gr.

All our products are elaborated with low tomatoes biological controls and by means of the controls of the integrated production.


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